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"I'm more than just a hockey player."

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P.K. Subban is one of the most dynamic athletes and personalities in sports. Known not only as an All-Star NHL defenseman for the New Jersey Devils, Subban is also a philanthropist, entrepreneur, producer and fashion enthusiast. 

A Toronto-native, Subban made his debut in the NHL in 2011 and finished his rookie season ranked among the top 25 defensemen in scoring. After being awarded the James Norris Memorial Trophy in 2013, he was also named to the NHL All-Star team in both 2013 and 2015. In 2017, Subban led the Nashville Predators to their first-ever appearance in the Stanley Cup finals and continues to be one of the premiere players of the NHL. Most recently Subban was acquired by the New Jersey Devils in June 2019.

Subban was named the cover athlete of EA’s NHL 19 with one of the most iconic covers in the company’s history. Additionally, he won the Gold medal representing Canada at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. With these accomplishments, P.K. has become a global ambassador for many sport and lifestyle brands including Adidas, Bridgestone, Red Bull, Wheels Up and others. Subban continues to enhance his roster of projects off the ice.


This year he teamed up with NBC to create a first-of-its-kind content partnership to produce a television special and an original digital docu-series, The P.K. Project. This marked the first time NBC Sports partnered with an active player and was the first deal for Subban’s production company, PeeK Productions.

In addition to Subban’s expansive career in sports and entertainment, he has shown relentless passion for charitable initiatives and enriching his community. His desire to support families who are affected by illness inspired the establishment of the P.K. Subban Foundation. Subban’s dedication and immersive efforts with the foundation have resulted in tremendous growth since its inception in 2014.

His most recent pledge resulted in a $10 million dollar donation to the Montreal Children’s Hospital, which to date is the largest donation made by any Canadian athlete. The hospital showed their gratitude by naming their newly renovated atrium after him, where he continues to surprise staff and patients with his visits.


Extending his philanthropic passion in Nashville, Subban also launched his Blueline Buddies program, where he hosts a member of the Metro Nashville Police Department and an underprivileged youth at every Predator’s home game taking care of game tickets, dinner and meets with the group prior to and after the game to lift their spirits and give them a few hours to forget about everything on the outside. Subban recognizes the importance of athletes serving as role models and building bridges and prioritizes being a part of the solution to social issues that arise in his community.


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Karl Subban

This is my dad, AKA Big Karl.  

He is the definition of a family man, has the biggest heart and is all about giving back to those in need.

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Maria Subban

Meet Mama Subban. She holds down the fort, keeps this family together and pretty much runs the show.

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Nastassia Subban

This is Nastassia. She’s my eldest sister and she also runs my foundation! Besides working with me, Nastassia is a teacher, and a wonderful mother of three little hockey players in the making!

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Natasha Subban

Meet Tasha. Even before she became an educator, she helped teach me how to skate and even let me use her figure skates my first time on the ice. She works very closely with me to help run P.K.S.S. Management.

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Malcolm Subban

This is my brother Malcolm.

He currently plays for the

Las Vegas Golden Knights.

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Jordan Subban

This is the youngest one of our Subban clan, Jordan. He plays in American Hockey League for the Toronto Marlies.


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Plant your right knee firmly on the ground while bending your left knee to a 90-degree angle.


Raise left arm straight out in front of you with real or pretend hockey stick in hand while the right arm extends in a bow and arrow motion pumping the air three times.


Make sure to project loudly while confidently yelling “WOOOOOO”

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