To stand up for what we believe in

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My name is Mikayla. I’m 14 years old and I am a Youth Ambassador for the SPCA Annex. I got involved with the SPCA when I was 9 years old. My mother and I used to foster dogs from the Annex when I was growing up. Shortly after, we couldn’t resist but to get involved. We decided to volunteer our time and start helping out some more. Now, my mom is the director of community outreach for the SPCA and I am a Youth Ambassador.

Being a Youth Ambassador allows me to educate and inform my generation. I also get to be active and involved in an assortment of meetings that benefit the SPCA. The Youth Ambassador Program is something that so many people could get involved with. It is a six-week program that introduces youth about how the SPCA shelters function, about animal advocacy and most importantly how to make a difference in the community.

Something I am extremely excited about is one of our newest projects. I will be representing the SPCA and going to different Montreal schools to speak out about the many upcoming events and fundraisers the SPCA will be hosting. It’s so cool to be able to help and to be a voice for my generation. I want our generation to continue to be informed and educated enough to be able to stand up for what we believe in! It’s our time to fight for what we want, and I don’t want to fight alone!

Although it is often pretty difficult to manage my school work, playing as well as coaching ringette on an elite level and being so involved in the SPCA and Youth Ambassadors program I wouldn’t want it any other way! In all honesty, that’s a small price to pay when I have the ability to make a difference at such a young age!

Thank you!!

SPCA Youth Ambassador