Some people don’t even get to leave the hospital

Matthew 770x708

My name is Matthew, and three years ago when I was seven I got into a bad skiing accident and broke my femur. The femur is the bone that pretty much all your weight goes on when doing almost all activities, even walking and standing.

I have been skiing since I was three years old so when this happened to me I was very scared. I remember getting into the ambulance and then falling asleep. I had surgery and they put a bunch of metal into my leg and I wasn’t able to ski for a while. Now, I am ten years old and I am playing hockey and skiing competitively again which I am very thankful for.

When I was in the hospital I quickly realized how many kids are in there, and how some people don’t even get to leave the hospital. This is what made me want to help out. Also, I realized how much the nurses do every day; it’s crazy! They were always there for me and all the other kids. That’s why for my 8th birthday, I decided instead of presents, I asked for money that I would then donate. I decided to donate it to a Nurses’ Training program.

Today, I am so happy that I can play hockey and that I can ski, but most of all I am happy that I can help. I will be collecting donations for my next birthday also! I am so excited!

Thank you!