Our Ability is stronger than our disability


Hi Everyone!

Our names are Cameron and Frank. We go to a school that specializes in teaching people with disabilities called Summit School. After being bullied for having disabilities when we were kids, we decided to help stop bullying.

We are working together to create a video called Project Worthy. This video will teach people that even if they have a disability, it shouldn’t define who they are. Our video will showcase people with disabilities in whichever way they want, whether it be speaking in front of the camera, telling us their story or writing it down. We just want everybody to get heard! We hold interviews at our school with different people and listen to their stories. We learn about the struggles of growing up with disabilities through different peoples eyes. We want this video to let people with disabilities know that if they have a dream, they should accomplish it and never give up.

We both love P.K and all of the inspiring things that he does. We hope to help as many people as he does through our video.


Frank and Cameron