My friends and I call ourselves the “Good Vibe Tribe”

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My name is Kami. Since the age of 15, my whole life has revolved around philanthropic work.

My parents sent me on my first humanitarian trip when I was 16 and since then, I’ve been on two others and plan on continuing to do more. My last trip afforded me the opportunity to take kids to Armenia, which was a great experience.

While studying paralegal technology, I realized that while I like the corporate world, I was missing that social aspect. I was a scout leader for 6 years in the Armenian community as a way to keep myself close to my roots. Initially, I never thought I would have an impact on the lives of the kids that I was leading, but as time went on, I recognized the impact that I had on them. It became a way of reuniting people because there aren’t a lot of us.

My next venture is going to be in the culinary arts. Being Armenian, I grew up around food and as a huge part of our culture; it became a passion of mine. I want to give youth the opportunity to try workshops in a restaurant setting. If you think you might be interested in the restaurant business, you would get to be in a space where you could work a part time job and at the same time, have access to a workshop of a different theme each month. The first theme could be “how to access local produce”, which there is a huge lack of in Montreal. Then, the second month we would offer access to an accountant, in order for them to learn how to start a business plan.

P.K. Subban stands out not only as an athlete but also as a philanthropist; I think we need more people like that.

My friends and I call ourselves the “Good Vibe Tribe” because they’re the ones that keep me going. If I could ask for one thing, it would be to just help me spread the love and positivity. We all live through tragedies in life, which I’m sure P.K. has seen through his countless visits to the Children’s Hospital. Let’s spread love and good vibes together!

With a lot of love and light,