We are dealt a hand, and we must play that whether it is good or bad

NICK 667x530

My name is Nick and I am 19 years old. Hockey has always been a huge part of my life; little did I know it would also change my life.

When I was 15 years old I got a pretty bad hit on the ice and like many hockey players suffered from a concussion. Taking precautionary measures I was suggested to get an MRI done and the results were a bit shocking to my 15 year old self. I was informed I had a brain tumour.

After seeing multiple doctors and opinions on what I should do next, I made the decision to go forth with an operation to get the tumour removed immediately. As the energetic and athletic high school student I was I begun a physical and mental training process in preparation for surgery. I wanted to conquer a successful and speedy recovery. And, I did just that, just 2 hours after undergoing an extensive surgery I was begging the nurses to let me walk around (they said no!), then two weeks later I was cruising around my neighbourhood block.  C’mon, It was May I needed to catch some of that summer breeze!

Having had this experience happen to me at such a young age has made me realize that in life we are dealt a hand, and we must play that whether it is good or bad. It’s so important to remember that and to stay positive. It’s not always easy to keep faith; I think that’s why I enjoy finding ways to give back and try and show that to others in hard times. I make it a point to partake in “Friendly Visits” with the Montreal Neuro, where I had my surgery. It’s the simple act of just being able to talk and hang out.  As a hockey fan and of course a Montrealer I think what P.K. does to give back is so sick! He’s got so much swagger too! It truly makes him ahead of the game! I like that!

Yes, being informed you have a brain tumour is very traumatic but I can oddly say that I am happy it happened to me, I knew that I could handle it; I knew I was mentally strong enough to tackle this. I knew I would be OK! And guess what?! I am!

Thank you,