Help them smile when we can! Everyone deserves that!

NOAH 667x530


My name is Noah and I am 11 years old. I live in Montreal with my parents and my little sister. I am a huge sports lover so when I heard that P.K Subban was doing a signing; I knew I had to be there. My uncle and I attended the P.K Jersey signing in hopes of getting a picture of him. But, it wasn’t just the picture that really made it an experience of a lifetime, it was so much more!

When we decided to make a donation to the Children’s Hospital through my Winter Classic jersey purchase I was really excited as it goes to a great cause! But, when my uncle and I decided to donate an extra jersey to a little boy who was sick in the hospital I was beyond happy. I’ve always been taught the importance to think about other people and that’s exactly that’s what we did! I didn’t know Loyc before donating the jersey, when we got to watch the joy and happiness that we brought him that day, it was amazing!

I felt good afterwards but it’s was also very sad because it goes to show not everyone has the best life. There are a lot of people and kids sick and I think that’s why we should always try our best to help out when we can, to help them smile when we can! Everyone deserves that!

I would totally love to donate again; I would love to donate my time also! I hope you like your jersey Loyc!


Your friend Noah 🙂