I want to try and give back and help those in need as much as I can

Alex 770x708

Hi PK!
My name is Alex, and I am currently in grade twelve. One major thing about me is that I love to play golf and I actually work at a golf course right now. Something that I am very passionate about is giving back to the childhood cancer community and this is because I, myself was diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma in 2012 and therapy related leukaemia in 2013.
As a result, I now dedicate and volunteer my time to a couple of different places. I volunteer at Dream Factory,  which is a Manitoba organization that grants a wish to those suffering from life-threatening illnesses. I do this because I was fortunate enough to have one of my dreams granted. In 2014, Dreams Factory sent my family and I to Hawaii. This was a great experience and time to just relax and enjoy my family after all the craziness that cancer comes with. This is one of the main reasons why I got involved with this organization as my wish made me realize how important it is to give back. In reality, not everyone survives the battle of cancer and having done so and being able to have a normal life now, I want to try and give back and help those in need as much as I can. My friends and I have participated in the Relay for Life, raising over 45k for Canadian Cancer Society. While also working with Cancer Care Manitoba, being in some of their campaigns and videos highlighting the importance of paediatric clinic trials. As well as being fortunate enough to participate in the NHL hockey fight for Cancer event in 2015.
PK, I think what you do is so inspiring by using this unique platform to read and connect with the community. It makes me an even bigger fan of yours. You’re a great player and an even better ambassador for the NHL. There isn’t very much to not like about you. You embody the game so well, what you do on and off the ice is amazing!
In the future, I will continue to donate my time and be part of the childhood cancer community as well as continue my studies into a business program. I have applied to a lot of schools across Canada and would like to go into finance.
It’s not an easy time and I just want to share how grateful I am to have been surrounded by friends and family during this period of my life and how grateful I am for your constant dedication to giving back to the community as well.
Thank you!