1 (1990)

1 Year Old

P.K.’s sisters are both educators, but were good teachers way before they formally made it their careers. They helped teach P.K. to skate, and he even wore his sister’s figure skates his first time on the ice.

2 (1991)

2 Years Old

Even at a young age, P.K. was a natural in front of the camera.

3 (1993)

Bert Robinson Hockey League

P.K. got an early start on his future career and already had big dreams.

5 (1993)

Etobicoke Bulldogs All-Star 

P.K.’s second year in organized hockey. Winning hockey games was not always easy for his team in P.K’s second year of organized hockey. However, hockey had clearly won his heart.

4 (1993)

Backyard Rink

P.K. never missed a chance to skate. For him, the only thing better than skating three times a day was skating four times.

6 (1994)

Etobicoke Hockey League

When it was time to play, P.K. always had his game face on.


Karl Subban

This is my dad, AKA Big Karl.  He is the definition of a family man, has the biggest heart and is all about giving back to those in need.

Maria Subban

Meet Mama Subban. She holds down the fort, keeps this family together and pretty much runs the show.

Nastassia Subban

This is Nastassia. She’s my eldest sister and she also runs my foundation! Besides working with me, Nastassia is a teacher, and a wonderful mother of three little hockey players in the making!

Natasha Subban

Meet Tasha. Even before she became an educator, she helped teach me how to skate and even let me use her figure skates my first time on the ice. She works very closely with me to help run P.K.S.S. Management.

Malcolm Subban

This is my brother Malcolm. He currently plays in the NHL as a goaltender for the Vegas Golden Knights.

Jordan Subban

This is the youngest one of our Subban clan, Jordan. He plays in the AHL for the Toronto Marlies while under contract to the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League.

  • Sports wasn't just something we did as a family. It was a way of life and a way to a better life.